Our Governing Body

The Trust Board operates as the Governing Body to undertake all the legal responsibilities for the operation of the Academy. The Trust Board presently consists of 7 Trustees who are simultaneously Directors and Governors of the Trust.

The Trust Board as the Governing Body operates similar ways to other single Trusts/Governing Bodies of academies across the country, with a minimum of 3 full Trust Governing Body meetings a year and a Committee which oversees matters specific to Finance & Premises. There is a Trust Board operational manual, a Finance Regulations Handbook and clear roles and responsibilities assigned to each Trustee. Trustees undertake induction and regular training. Trust Board meetings are clerked and non-confidential minutes made available publically.

Trustees are encouraged to make regular monitoring visits and record the outcome of these on an official report.

The Trust’s finances are subject to an independent and external audit and satisfactory returns to the Government’s Education Funding Agency and the Trust commission and internal audit service from an independent provider.

You can view or download a listing of the present Trustees/Directors/Governors and Pen Portraits by clicking the link below.

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