Mission Statement

“Aspire to succeed in everything”

We believe that the most vulnerable and needy children and young people in our community deserve the opportunity to receive aBoy rowing a boat first class education whilst at the same time have their personal, social and emotional needs met in order to prepare them for the next stages in their lives.

Our mission is that Aspire Academy will become an educational establishment of such excellence that no child, parent/carer or commissioner will view it as ‘second best’. Everyone will be proud to be a member or partner of Aspire and will do their very best to ensure that children and young people leave the provision having gained many new achievements and personal qualities.

We believe our children and young people should be able to:
  • Excel and achieve nothing but their best
  • Value the potential of team work
  • Enjoy new ways of thinking and living
  • Revel in learning
  • Yearn to help themselves and others
  • Tackle challenges and personal issues without fear
  • Have respect for self and others
  • Involve themselves fully in their own learning goals and targets
  • Nuture their talents and never give up
  • Grasp new opportunities
We will promote the importance of the 3 R’s – respect, responsibility and resilience.

We expect our children and young people to develop as independent, responsible and creative young people with a lifelong interest in learning and self development.

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