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As part of the referral process pupils have their educational needs assessed in order to provide then with an appropriate curriculum.

All pupils have access to a Core Curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, SMSC; History, Media, Art, Drama, Citizenship and PE. Particular emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of functional and aged related literacy and numeracy skills.

In addition all pupils have access to a wide range of ‘out of the classroom’ learning opportunities such as hair and beauty, outdoor pursuits and child care.

Progress is continuously monitored by the pupils Tutor and Principal. Any changes are discussed with parents/carers and timetables changed accordingly.

It is the stated intention of Aspire Academy to try to ensure that as many referred pupils as possible are able to acquire a level of personal, social and learning skills which will enable them to successfully return to their or another mainstream school/academy.

Where this is not possible, Aspire Academy will support pupils to be able to successfully transition to the next stage of their education and life whether this be further education (post 16), training, apprenticeship or employment.

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