We will be finishing for Christmas holidays on Friday 15th December at 12.30pm. Students will have their lunch at 12pm. Any students who have transport will have this arranged accordingly

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    Aspire Academy is an Alternative Provision established under the Free School route for children and young people aged 4 to 16 for whom mainstream education for a range of reasons is not possible or is not working well.

    We are able to offer short, medium or long-term placements on a full-time or part-time basis and our aim is always to provide the highest quality education, equivalent to what is on offer at the best mainstream schools and academies.

    The majority of the children and young people who attend Aspire Academy have places purchased or commissioned for them by the mainstream schools/academies where they are legally on roll or by Local Authorities looking to place children and young people not on the roll of a mainstream school into appropriate provision.

    Aspire Academy opened in September 2014 and is able to provide for approximately 100 full-time equivalent children and young people at any one time.

    Aspire Academy intends to become a beacon of excellence and a role model for the highest quality Alternative Provision for some of the most vulnerable and needy children and young people in our community.

    Our intention is, that whenever possible, children and young people who Aspire Academy provides for will gain the social, emotional and educational levels which will enable them to return to or take up places successfully at mainstream schools and academies. For those for whom this doesn’t prove possible, they will leave Aspire Academy with educational qualifications, personal, social and life skills, self-esteem, confidence and future opportunities at least as good as they would have gained at a good or outstanding mainstream school / academy.

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